About Me...

I’m the kind of therapist who does not claim to know it all. How could I ever be an expert on your experience of life? What I am good at is noticing patterns, naming them, and having the strength to sit with someone’s strong emotions. I understand how relationships shape us and teach us how to engage. I have an affinity for helping people reconnect with the more vulnerable parts of themselves. It’s important to understand the person in the context of their lives, help them understand the roles they have played – unconscious or otherwise. And to top it all off, I love what I do.

It is from this place that I decided to write a blog. My goal is to explore the every day struggles of the heart and hopefully provide some insight into the human condition and demonstrate that our experiences are a testament to our survival and are shared by many.

If you wish to comment, have feedback or want to share on this blog, please do so. If you would like to email me privately, you have access to that as well:    info @ heidiwiedemann.com.

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