Friday, December 19, 2014

A time to help ...

Dear friends, family, colleagues and fellow artists and potters….

On the night of December 16th my dear friend, and master potter, Andre Lacroix, lost his studio in Rawdon to a fire. There is of course an immense relief and very much gratitude that no one was hurt. However .. the studio didn’t fare so well. This studio was the creative home to many of us and was a place of inspiration, creativity, comfort and care, and friendship. It was also Andre’s livelihood. He gave classes during the week and on weekends, he gave summer camp intensives, had interns from Art Schools, and just provided the artistic community in Quebec with a real important place to explore and grow as artists. He was also one of the very few places in Quebec with a wood-fire kiln. I can’t begin to tell you how deeply this loss is felt by many of us. That being said - it surely is a devastating blow to Andre… who now needs to rebuild from scratch. Everything was lost in the fire - all equipment, all the precious recipes for glazes, all the wheels, all that remains is one charred wall - and as I write I believe the news will only get worse when we find out the damage to the wood-fire kiln.   

Dear friends - in this age of crowd-sourcing, and project funding .. I ask you to please find it in your heart to help support Andre and give him the hope and financial backing he needs to rebuild the atelier. He has so much creative work left to do! I am including links to his Facebook page pictures… I want you to get a sense of what he offered - what he can offer the world in terms of art and creativity - and that needs to be supported! 

Here is the Facebook page where you can see the energy and love that we all had for this space… 

It’s all gone now…

Here is what’s left

Here is the link to help and donate…. please do so as soon as you can.

Please - redistribute as much as possible.

Thank you.

With a heavy heart…


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